5 Luxury Candles to Fragrance Your Home This Season

When I first started Let There Be Light, I knew that I wanted to create candles that were inspired by the ever-changing offerings of the land around me. But I also knew that I wanted them to offer something extra, I wanted them to be luxurious. I wanted my candles to be luxury candles, that add a feeling of indulgence to my customer’s days.

Over the years, I’ve found that we assume that luxury living is for someone else. The person with the flashy car, the ten-bedroom house and the staff to take care of all the household chores (oh, wouldn’t that be nice!).

But luxury can be found in moments and experiences. It’s in the smaller things, often forgotten, that we can find the biggest of boosts for our days. I find my own luxury in buying handcrafted products, focusing on good ingredients, looking for “one of a kind” items and always, always hoping that it’ll come beautifully wrapped.

Let There Be Light box packaging and wax stamp

Let There Be Light candle tin and labels

Sometimes, looking for luxury means upgrading the everyday items that we have around the house. And, other times, it’s finding that little extra indulgence. It means giving myself permission to do something that we don’t necessarily “need” but that we know will bring us so much joy. (I’m a firm believer that joy is a necessity but that’s a conversation for a rainy day!)

So, step on in my lovelies and fall in love with this season’s luxury candles, so that your home feels cosy and oh-so-beautifully fragranced for the next few months. Here’s how you can add a touch (or a scent!) of luxury to your home, without the scary credit card bill.

Cocooned: A Dark Honey & Warm Amber Luxury Candle

There are certain winter days when you just crave that feeling of comfort. Days when a storm is brewing outside, the sun has long set and your heating just doesn’t seem to be doing its job.

Let There Be Light luxury candle on shelfshelf

This is the scent that brings you into a cosy cocoon, so you can find your favourite chair, slip into your softest pyjamas and wrap those cold hands around a rich hot chocolate.

Cocooned is a luxury candle that’s designed to bring you into your own bubble (no, not those kind of bubbles!) where you can forget about the rest of the world for an hour or two.

New Moon: A Jasmine & Orange Blossom Luxury Candle

I love seasonal scents. But the joy of luxury candles is that you don’t always have to be married to the seasons. With a simple touch of a lit match to a candle’s wick, you can be transported somewhere else.

Somewhere far away, where there are no children needing to be homeschooled, no dishes piling up in the sink and certainly no piles of laundry calling your name. It could be a cabin tucked up in some snowy mountains, a private villa on a Bali beach, or (in this case) a luxury tropical holiday overflowing with white floral scents and precious woods. It’s a delight for your senses, as you step into new fragrances like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Let There Be Light luxury candle on books

New Moon isn’t a scent that will remind you of home (at least, not if you’re a fellow UK dweller!) but is one that will take you to a memory far away, real or imagined, where the ocean is just a few paces from your bedroom door.

Rich Velvet: A Fig & Liquorice Leather Luxury Candle

Have you ever thought of nature as being luxurious? It can be, in a deep earthy forest, where a thick blanket of moss softens your step, where the sunlight is dappled as it dances through the leaves up above onto the piles of acorns decorating the floor.

That’s the luxury of nature, when it’s well-made, one-of-a-kind and hard to find.

Inside each Rich Velvet candle, you’ll find some of nature’s most precious delights. With a rich and earthy opulence of dark fig, accented with deep liquorice spice and gentle touches of amber and oak-moss to keep it nice and mellow, this is the perfect candle for anyone wishing they could run free in the forests (without having to get quite so muddy).

Enchanted: Wood Pipe, Raspberry & Suede Luxury Candle

The Enchanted candle is a weekend scent. It’s a Friday night getaway to a luxury hotel, driving down country lanes with the roof down, feeling a little more glamorous than Bridget Jones making her weekend escape with Daniel Cleaver.

Bridget Jones' Diary car scene

It hints at cocktail dresses and slipping your feet into those high heels that you never wear, ready to dance the night away. Enchanted was created to bring an ambience of sophisticated glamour into your home, without any sore feet or waiting in line. Its rich aged wood-pipe and suede are laced with hints of luscious raspberries for a scent that embodies reserved sensuality.

Timeless: Cognac, Oak & Musks Luxury Candle

When I designed this scent, I imagined a trip back in time. A high-backed winged armchair in a room piled high with books, rich wood panels covering the walls and an overflowing drinks tray sitting nearby. A little touch of Downton Abbey, perhaps?

Let There Be Light luxury candle on chest of drawers

Timeless is a rich scent that’s full of ‘old world’ charm, where so much of our inspiration for luxury living stems from. It’s a fragrance that’s filled with vintage cologne notes, a hypnotic dark musk and a touch of aged cognac. This is a luxury candle that’s a gift for your senses.

I hope you’ve found yourself a new luxury candle to light up your home this season but, if not, head on through to the boutique where you’ll be able to discover the full Let There Be Light collection!

I hope you’ve found yourself a new luxury candle to light up your home this season but, if not, head on through to the boutique where you’ll be able to discover the full Let There Be Light collection!

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