How to Choose The Best Scented Candles for Every Room in Your Home

Step into any luxury hotel and you’ll notice that it’s not just your eyes that are wowed. Your nose is too. That’s because those talented hotel designers know the power of using the best scented candles to delight their guests in more ways than one.

A good scent gives off such a luxurious feeling. It stimulates your senses, whilst offering a subtle nod to the space you’re in. Hotels will curate scented candles that connect their guests to the unique location they’re in, whether that’s a stunning lakeside Italian villa (oo yes please!) or a historic castle up in the Scottish Highlands.

Unlike fancy interior designers and bespoke furniture, scented candles are actually available to the rest of us folk. So we can fill our own homes with the same luxurious scents that give us such joy on our holidays.

Although… it’s not just the scent that’s so special.

The aesthetic of candles makes your home feel more luxurious too. Candles add different layers and textures to the space, showing the level of thoughtfulness that’s gone into the design. And, according to the experts, it’s these details that make a home feel personal and complete.

Read on to discover the best scented candles for every room in your home, so you can create a truly luxurious space.

Let There Be Light candle with flowers

The best scented candle for... your bathroom

Whenever you’re choosing a scented candle for a specific room, take a moment to consider the purpose of that space. What are you going to use it for? How do you want to feel there?

For most of us, the bathroom is somewhere we go to relax and unwind. When we’re lighting a candle in the bathroom, it’s because we want to destress. Ideally, the room is free from technology. Instead, there’s a good quality bath tray, a nice glass of wine and a favourite book.

Use lavender to create a spa-like feel, as you inhale its healing properties. Turns out, even the Romans used this beautiful scent in their baths. And we all know what experts the Romans were at bathing!

The pick: SOUL – pure lavender candle

Let There Be Light candle on shelf

The best scented candle for… your bedroom

After a particularly tiring week, there’s nothing better than starting the weekend slowly.

I’ll wander down to the kitchen, make myself a cup of tea and then climb back upstairs with the weekend papers under my arm, ready to flick through the supplements and get inspired for what to make for dinner.

Of course, a scented candle makes it even better. I can almost pretend I’ve escaped to a hotel for a day of rest, as a soothing scent wafts its way around the room. You’re going to want to select a warm fragrance, something that’ll make the room feel cosy without feeling overpowering.

The pick: COCOONED – dark honey and warm amber candle

The best scented candle for… your kitchen

Kitchens are all about energy. You’re busy chopping, stirring, mixing and creating wonderful delights to be enjoyed by your loved ones. But, sometimes, the kitchen needs a little TLC.

Although they can taste delicious, there are some foody fragrances that we just don’t want to linger. From certain types of fish to particularly strong onions, it’s perfectly okay to want to bid these scents a friendly farewell.

Look for a deodorising scented candle. These tend to be bold, with a fresh uplifting fragrance to shift any musty odours out of the way.

The pick: EPIPHANY – fresh mint & white tea

The best scented candle for… your dining room

Most of us opt for non-fragranced candles when we’re eating, but I find a subtle scent can bring a new element to mealtimes. This can be particularly enjoyable whilst your guests are waiting for the food to arrive… your scented candle creates a relaxed ambience that gently hints at what’s to come.

Scented candles in your dining rooms should be relatively mild, complimenting your food rather than overpowering it. Look for something fresh but not too sticky, sickly sweet.

The pick: RICH VELVET – fig & liquorice leather

The best scented candle for… your living room

I always like to use our living room after the sun has set for the day. We snuggle up on the sofa, a film waiting for us on Netflix, with some tasty nibbles in easy reach.

It’s a wonderfully cosy feeling, that needs a cosy scent to go along with it. Opt for a scented candle that comes with a subtle glamour to add some gentle luxury to an otherwise simple evening.

The pick: ENCHANTED – wood pipe, raspberry & suede

Let There Be Light candle on shelf

The best scented candle for… your hallway

Our hallways and entryways offer up the first impression of our home. They set the tone for the rest of the house, whilst acting as the meeting point for the outdoors and the indoors.

It’s for this reason that I always suggest a floral scent for your hallway tables. A hallway candle sits particularly nicely alongside a freshly picked arrangement of flowers from the garden, or a feature lamp to give the display some luxurious height.

The pick: BELLE’S ROSE – burgundy petals & rose hips

The best scented candle for… your garden

I know I know, why put a scented candle in the garden when you’re surrounded by the beautiful fragrance of nature? One word. Bugs.

Bugs are the only thing that’ll have me scuttling back inside on a hot summer day. That is, until I created a more natural alternative to the chemical-infused citronella candles we’re bombarded with at every garden centre throughout the months from April to August.

So sit back and relax, put your feet up and enjoy an evening outside where the bugs are kept at bay.

The pick: SUMMER’S HAZE – citronella

So you see, you really can bring a little bit of hotel luxury home (without having to spend a fortune on redecorating!).

And rest assured, every Let There Be Light scented candle has been carefully created to ensure that the fragrances blend and flow together. So you’ll gently transition from one scent to another as you wander through the house.