Candle Etiquette | How to Look After Your Candles

Wondering what candle etiquette is, and why it matters? Candle etiquette is a bit like finishing school, except for candles!


You’ve experienced the joy of unboxing your beautifully wrapped candle, and now we want you to keep on feeling that joy every time you light it. Which means giving your candle a little bit of TLC and looking after it properly. So, read on my friends for my five favourite candle etiquette tips to keep your candles glowing nice and bright.

Let There Be Light candle in bedroom

1. Trim your candle’s wicks

Have you been trimming your wicks? Ideally, you should be trimming your candle’s wick before every use. If you remember just one of these candle etiquette tips, I hope it’s this one!


Just like us, candles don’t like having to DIY their haircuts. So, treat your favourite candles to a touch of luxury and trim their wicks to keep them burning nice and bright.


Think of it as giving your candles a buzzcut. You want to keep those wicks trimmed nice and short, about 5mm in length. When the wick’s looking a little long, with a bobble on its end, that means it’s time for a trip to the candle hairdressers!

wax trimmer

How do you trim a wick? A good pair of kitchen scissors will do the trick, although that can get a bit fiddly sometimes. A specialised wick trimmer will make things easier, helping you keep your candle well-groomed so that it can burn for longer. 

2. Don’t build any tunnels

The candle fanatics amongst you might have heard of tunnelling before. This is what happens when you don’t let your candle burn for long enough. You’ll notice that the wax burns more in the centre of the candle vessel than at the edges, creating a tunnelling effect.

candle tunnel

So, leave your spade in the garden and resist the urge to dig any holes. Just sit back and relax as you let your candle burn properly. Give it time to settle into its new home and allow it to burn to the edge of your candle vessel so that the entire surface of wax melts each time. Depending on the size of your candle, this can mean around 2-3 hours of continuous burning.

3. Let your candle wax settle

Once your candle’s got a gorgeously scented swimming pool of melted wax, let it be. Ignore the temptation to move your candle or take it for a walk around the house (I know I know, you can’t bear to be without it!).


If you move your candle when the wax is still melted, not only do you risk spilling hot wax on yourself (ouch!) but you’re going to end up with wax up the sides of your candle vessel.


Meaning your candle’s going to look messier than your front room when you leave the kids alone for five minutes (how do they do that?!) and the next time you go to light your candle? You’re going to get an uneven burn.


So, once your candle’s finished burning, let it rest and set again before moving it around.

candle in bathroom

4. Keep your candle away from draughts

Just like moving your candle around when the wax is melted will create an uneven burn, draughts can play havoc with your candle.


I mean, who enjoys sitting there all cosy with a draught blowing in their face?! Look after your candle by keeping it away from any draughts that might cause it to burn unevenly or unsafely. Speaking of safety, it’s always a good idea to burn your candle away from curious little hands and even more curious little paws. Pets, children and candles really aren’t a good combination!

5. Keep it clean

Your candles, keep your candles clean!


Each time you go to light your favourite candle, make sure that it’s free from debris, dust, used matches (yep, even if they’re as gorgeous as these matches) and any other bits and bobs. You just want pure soy wax in there, nothing else.


If there is any debris in your candle, that’s what will cause that black sooty smoke that we’re all trying to avoid. Remember, clean candles create a clean burn!


Of course, I couldn’t wrap this post up without saying to enjoy your candles. Each Let There Be Light candle has been hand-poured with love in my creative studio and designed to help you bring more light and calm into your days.


So soak up that moment of quiet, enjoy your new candle and breathe in its beautiful scent.

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