9 Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Make Her Smile

Certain things will always remind me of spring. Daffodils starting to appear in the garden, days growing ever-so-slightly longer and birds singing to me each morning as I make my way out to the garden studio… And, of course, the big one – Mother’s Day. Which leaves so many of us scratching our heads, looking for creative Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Sunday 14th March, Mothering Sunday, started life as an official day off for domestic servants to travel back home and visit their families. But it’s grown into so much more than that.

Mother’s Day is a chance to celebrate mothers, mother figures, mothers no longer with us, wish-they-could-be-mothers and the influence of mothering roles in society. Sometimes it can be a hard day to see pop up in the calendar, especially if it reminds you of people who are no longer here, but I hope you’ll find some inspiration for some self-care below.

Let There Be Light candle tins with daffodils

I believe that the best Mother’s Day gifts are the personal ones. Those with a deeper meaning, that inspire memories old and new, and come with a healthy hint of magic.

Keep reading for some of my favourite creative Mother’s Day gift ideas to celebrate someone special this spring.

For Beautiful Interiors

My talented friend Hannah Madden makes her dyes from foraged hedgerows all around her home village in the Welsh Marches. She’s such an incredible artist and designer, her creative vision is so clear in every single one of her custom prints. This is a Mother’s Day gift that’s bound to bring joy and fresh energy into someone’s home.

Homemade candle lanterns by Hannah Madden

Photo Credit: Hannah Madden

I recently had the delight of being asked by Hannah to make a series of bespoke individual tealights to sit inside her homemade lanterns. A dream combination, if I do say so myself!

For an Extra Indulgence

As Friday night rolls around I can *more often than not* be found getting comfy on the sofa, with dinner finishing in the oven and an even more delicious glass of Tappers gin in my hand.

If you’re looking for a gift for a mum that loves all things seasonal and enjoys an extra indulgence now and again, then this is a great one for you. Each of their gins is handcrafted in small batches with a delicious nod to seasonal flavours.

For Sweet Treats

Or, if you’re looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas for someone who prefers something sweet with a good cup of tea, then perhaps some doughnuts will tickle your fancy.

My son and I are both coeliacs, and I’ve had my eye on Borough 22’s gluten-free vegan (and rather beautiful) doughnuts for several months now… perhaps my family will read this and see the hint!

For Unique Designs

With all of us stuck at home for so long now, we’ve been staring at the same four walls for months now. I love the idea of changing things up a little with some new prints and graphics. It’s such a simple way to bring some new updates into a space, without having to hire the entire team of DIY SOS…

Miss Chief Creative, aka Sam, is my wonderful designer who also happens to have a gorgeous range of Welsh prints and original quotes, perfect for brightening up your mum’s home.

For Magical Memories

Bring a memory back to life and relive a special moment this Mother’s Day, with a luxurious gift that brings magic back to life. Most of my candles are inspired by memories with my own family, from the irresistible aroma of orange and cardamom laced baking with my children to the salty balm that sits on your skin after a day playing in the sea.

Let There Be Light candle tins with daffodils

As spring brightens our doorstep, it’s the light fresh scents that are flying out of the Let There Be Light Boutique right now. My pick? It has to be Grace, with a subtle whisper of new beginnings every time you go to light it (but hurry, this is the final week of Grace before I launch next season’s limited edition!).

For Handcrafted Sparkle

If you want a Mother’s Day gift that lasts, then Emily Lisbeth has you covered with handcrafted jewellery. From simple rings to statement necklaces, there’s a little something for everyone.

And it’s all made even more special by the thought that this is something your mum can keep with her and wear every day, even when you’re not around in-person to remind her of just how loved she is.

For Original Homeware

As you know, I love a gift with a story behind it. We Are Nomads is a store that’s full of stories, with each piece being hand-selected by their founder Jane, who has such an eye for spotting talented artisans.

Everything you’ll find in the store has been curated by Jane on her scouting trips. Perfect for those mums who are missing their adventures this year.

For a Touch of Green

Give your mum a new project and the chance to stretch her green fingers with a plant from House of Kato.

Founder Haula saw just how impactful plants and accessible green spaces could be for her mental health during lockdown and has been working to spread that message ever since. This is a lovely Mother’s Day gift for someone who needs an extra boost from nature this season.

For Creative Mother’s Day Cards

Before I forget, you’re going to need a card to go with those gifts! My amazingly creative friend Hannah has a beautiful range of cards over at The Olive Leaf Studio.

I just know you’re going to find something to put a smile on your mum’s/grandmother’s/stepmum’s/wife’s face!

Still looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas?