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Your home for candle etiquette, slow living inspiration, special events & plenty more

By now you’ll know how a candle can add a spark of light to your day. This page has all that you need to grow that light even stronger.

Perhaps you’re staring at your burning candle thinking “how am I meant to trim a wick?!”, maybe you’re wondering what you should do with your candle after it’s finished or you might be curious about how long you should let the candle burn.

You’ll find the pages below filled with more etiquette tips than a finishing school (and far more fun!), as we dive into some of my favourite candle etiquette tricks that I’ve picked up over the years.

Of course, you’ll also find news of upcoming events, workshops and plenty more, so that we can finally connect in person over a real cup of tea.

And woven through it all, you’ll discover stories. Stories of fragrance inspiration, captured from my adventures around Wales, and other ideas to help you live life a little more gently. Because, to me, slow living is so much more than a social media trend, it’s the only way I know how to be.

The Library is a way to step a little bit deeper into the world of ‘Let There Be Light’ and I hope this space will inspire you to fill your home with gentle joy, whether that’s through the magic of candles or in other ways.