Slow Self-Care Sunday Ideas to Bring Ease into Your Week

When was the last time you did something that was just for you? Not for your family, your partner, your work… but just for you.

My answer to that question is exactly why I started making candles. Yes, they’re beautiful but they’re also a form of self-care. Enter: self-care Sunday. A handy reminder to give yourself some good old-fashioned TLC.

A simpler style of self-care

The act of lighting a candle can bring a quiet pause to a busy day, it’s a nudge to slow down and start a little self-care. That one moment can be the catalyst to let your day go, reflect on a memory gone by or simply put your feet up and have a cup of tea (my favourite self-care tip, simple but very necessary).

The internet is full of articles overflowing with self-care ideas, so it’s safe to say that we’re not short of self-care tips. But when did self-care become so complicated? It can feel like we need to buy a thousand products and do a thousand things… before we can even start to relax.

Let’s simplify the whole process.

A Slow Self-Care Sunday

My official Let There Be Light definition of self-care is simply this: taking care of yourself.

To me, self-care is far more about the moment than the thing. It’s finding something that feels good to you at that particular time.

Sometimes that’ll be as simple as washing your hair or planning your meals for the week. Other times that means an hour-long bubble bath with candles, music and all the trimmings.

White LTBL Candle in Bathroom

As we prepare to “re-enter” the world after lockdown, I’m very aware that life is about to start to feel even busier. Which is making the idea of a self-care day, or a self-care Sunday, all the more appealing.

Sunday is my nudge to prepare for the week by caring for myself. It’s a reminder to do one thing that feels good and it helps to have a list of self-care ideas to hand, so that I can dip in and out as I need.

I hope these will act as inspiration for your own self-care Sunday.

Morning Self-Care Ideas

There’s something about a Sunday morning that just oozes calm. Or, at least it does if you wake up before the rest of the family!

My ideal self-care Sunday starts with a big pot of tea (so I can have endless cups) and an extra special breakfast. On days where there’s a little more time, it feels quite self-loving to dedicate a few extra minutes towards making yourself something tasty. I’m a big fan of some homemade granola or the classic eggs benedict. Heavenly.

After breakfast, it’s time to slip into my walking boots and head outside to say hello to mother nature. This has always been (and always will be) my favourite form of self-care. I come back to it week after week and it’s one of the many reasons I love living here in Wales. Endless adventures are waiting for us on our doorstep.

Come rain or shine, I step out to do some exploring. It’s on these walks that I find much of the inspiration for new candle scents but that’s never the objective – the self-care comes first, the ideas come later.

Walking boots

Afternoon Self-Care Tips

Self-care Sunday afternoons are just meant to be spent on the sofa. On a chilly day, I’ll light the fire and pop on some cosy socks (extra fluffy please!).

I’ll light a candle (New Moon is perfect for slow sunny Sunday afternoons) and then simply ask myself what I feel like doing. Sometimes that’s a creative project – experimenting with photo ideas or practising some sewing techniques – and other times it’s gentle reading with a new book or looking up recipe ideas for the evening.

If the weather’s being kind to us, I’ll wander out into the garden to give my plants some love. Right now, I’m clearing away winter’s “blanket” and readying everything for sunnier days ahead!

Evening Self-Care Ideas

As the day winds down, so do I. By this time a bottle of red wine is usually calling my name. So, I’ll pour a glass to drink in the bath (yes, a bubble bath is quintessential self-care Sunday!) and light an Enchanted candle, ideal for the end of self-care Sunday.

LTBL Candle and glass of brandy

After a long soak, it’s time for some nourishing food. If I’m feeling the need to relax a little longer, I’ll task my children with cooking for the evening. Or, I’ll get an apron on and cook something myself!

I’ve been trying out a more plant-based way of eating (I know I’m late to the party with this one!). As I ready our home and garden for spring, I feel like my body could do with a reawakening and clearing too!

I’m diving into three books to help me get started (because seeking help is my ultimate self-care tip):

I love that none of these books concentrates on food fads, they guide you instead… for restoring, rejuvenating and reviving, all the things I need!


Hopefully, you’re getting the feel by now for a day that’s simple and soothing. A self-care Sunday isn’t complex or over the top. It can be elevated with indulgent luxuries like a special bath oil or extra-soft pyjamas but it doesn’t have to be.

At its core, a self-care Sunday is simple. That’s the foundation. What will you do with yours?