Slow Gifting | Turning Gift-Giving into a Slow Living Indulgence

Slow living is one of those funny phrases that’s become more associated with its aesthetic than the meaning of the actual phrase. It’s an ever-growing trend across Instagram and has taken our online world by storm.

What does slow living mean? It’s simply a way of living. Slow living is all about slowing down the pace of our lives to savour the moment a little bit more.

And that, my friends, is a message I can fully get behind.

Candle on books


We spend our days constantly moving from one thing to another. How we spend our time is dictated by the pinging of calendar alerts, little hands pulling on our sleeves, and that all too familiar “beep” from your yet another email that needs your attention.

There’s a lot to be said about hitting the pause button once in a while. Winding down the pace of our lives to capture those little moments that mean so much. To savour the time we’re in, make treasured memories and reflect on those gone by.

When we live life more slowly, we can live more meaningfully. We can be intentional about what we do and who we do it with.

Which all brings me onto the topic of gifting. Or rather, slow gifting.

Hands up who’s ever gotten a gift from a loved one, only to wish you had the receipt to exchange it? Yep, you’re not the only one!

Those quick and easy gifts are convenient. They’re positioned by the checkout when you’re doing (what you hope to be..) the final grocery shop before Christmas Day. They call out to you as a speedy solution to the age-old question: what on earth am I going to buy them for Christmas?

But do they mean much? I’ll let you answer that!

That’s why, here at Let There Be Light, I’m proposing a new approach to gift-giving. Slow gifting.

What is slow gifting?

Just like slow living, slow gifting is intentional. It’s considered. A slow gift has been thought out with love and care, and is designed to help the gift receiver bring a sprinkling of slow living vibes into their own life too.

So, friends, these are my slow gifting principles…

A gift with meaning

A slow gift has a significant meaning that sits behind it. It comes with a story, the essence of a feeling that’s just waiting to be shared the moment that magical gift is opened.

This is my favourite slow gifting principle as it’s the founding principle behind Let There Be Light. Each of my candles come with their own memory attached. The scents that are ready to escape the moment the candle is lit, are all inspired by memories of yester-year. So you take a trip down your memory lane with every gentle inhale.

A gift with purpose

I’m a firm believer that the best gifts come with a use, a reason for being. They’re not just there to sit pretty on the shelf, they’re there to be enjoyed.

A slow gift is distinct in its purpose, so that it can be used each day and the gift-giver can be remembered, with a little message of thanks sent their way each time.

A gift with heart

Sarah May pouring wax

Call me soppy but I like to think that, when an item’s made with love, you can tell. A mass-produced gift from that-big-rainforest-store-that-I-won’t-name could be well-intentioned, but it won’t come with the same magic woven through it that a handmade gift will.

When you shop small, you aren’t just buying something. You’re buying something directly from another person. And that person has poured a little bit of themselves into every item they make. So that slow gift, quite literally, is made with soul.

A gift with experience

Ever seen a dog rip open their bone on Christmas morning? The speed, the chaos, the blink and you’ll miss it moment?

That’s the polar opposite of a slow gift experience.

A slow gift is designed to be opened… slowly. It creates a moment to savour, to acknowledge the meaning behind it and to soak up the love that comes with it.

Wrapping up your candles to send out is one of the most joyous parts of the festive season, as I get to delight in feeling like one of Santa’s elves for just a few weeks!

Each piece of Let There Be Light packaging has been thought out to create the most natural experience for you possible. Once your package arrives, you’ll open it up to be greeted with a big old pile of…peanuts!!

Don’t worry, these are water-soluble packing peanuts that keep your gorgeous candles all tightly packed and safe, so that they get to you in one beautiful piece. And yes, they really are water-soluble, as our mailman found out much to his detriment earlier this year – oops!

Once you’ve had your fun with the peanuts, you’ll find a handwritten note from me with a message of thanks, or if it’s a gift, a special message from your loved ones.

LTBL Packaging

Sitting underneath the note is a beautifully wrapped package, carefully tucked inside luxury black tissue paper and sealed with a gold sticker. Once you slide this off, you’ll find a sumptuous gift box, encased with ribbon and a handmade wax seal. This is the kind of box you’ll want to keep, to position on your shelf with all those useful goodies enclosed inside!

But slip it open and you’ll find your hand-poured candle, waiting patiently for you inside, with bundles of beautiful scent wafting their way out to delight your senses. All ready to bring light and love into your home.

So you see, slow gifting really can be a magical way to bring more meaning into the gift-giving experience this festive season. And each slow gift you give will help someone else weave the essence of slow living into their own life too.

Looking for a slow gift?