The tiniest of moments can turn a day around.

The stroke of a match, the dancing light of a candle’s flame, the fragrance of yesteryear wrapping its comforting scent around you.

I’m Sarah May,  Welsh chandler, candle maker and artisan, hand-pouring luxury eco-candles inspired by the magic of nature from my home studio, nestled in the mountains of Wales.

Candles inspired by memories & magic in the Welsh mountains

Life can be loud, chaotic, vibrant and oh so full!

It’s filled with laughter, love and everything that fills up our souls with joy.

How can we capture it all? A simple moment of pause can help us soak it all in.

The small act of lighting a candle can bring us ease and calm, as we slow down our days to soak up the moment instead.

A deep breath in as natural scents wash over you and the fragrance frees memories of precious moments from days gone by.

Step inside my candle maker’s studio & have a look around

It’s at this moment that I’d like to invite you into my studio, pour you a hot cup of tea, turn the radio onto low and cosy up in a comfy chair to hear all about your story. But, since you’re here, I’m guessing you’d like me to share some of mine instead.

I didn’t set out to become a candle maker. I think that’s the case for most businesses born out of passion, they’re very happy accidents. And it’s an ‘accident’ I’m thankful for each and every day.

So, top up that tea and let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we?



A quest for natural candles turns into a vibrant small business

If we turn back the clock a few years, I was recovering from a bout of illness and starting to look for more light in my days. It started small and simple, with a search for some gorgeous candles to fill my home with fresh scents, new energy and that precious glow that can only come from the flickering light of a candle’s flame.

Yet, each time I went to light these candles I found the walls behind them blackened with soot, as by-chemicals from the petrol industry invaded our natural home. A not so subtle hint as to the impact that a love for cosiness was having on the health of our family!

So, it was back to the drawing board. Off I went, researching alternatives until… that lightbulb moment. Why not make them myself?

That was the moment that my research became a passion, one that I gave the official seal of approval with formal candle maker’s training and just like that – ‘Let There Be Light’ was born and my journey began. I even designed the logo myself, wanting to capture the comfort, strength, peace and joy that I hope my candles create for you, all in a single flame.

That was back in 2016, and yet I still have to pinch myself each time I see one of my candles in your beautiful homes!


Light a candle & open up a memory

Each candle is filled with stories & love, woven into its magical scent

My ‘official’ title is a Welsh chandler, candle maker, but for those of you who know me already are aware, that it feels a little restrictive. Which is why I like to call myself a memory maker too.

Scent can capture so much more than words have the power to tell.

A scent can help you relive a memory through just one small breath.

It can help you capture the moment you’re in so that it becomes a treasured memory for the future, just waiting to be relived.

And it can bring you back to the present moment, as you calm and ground yourself through nature’s balm.



Tales of Wales’ landscapes, packaged up & sent to your door

Each candle is inspired by nature, with tales of the Welsh outdoors woven into every scent, every ounce of soy wax and every memory.

As a child, I was always drawn to creative living and the wonders of the outdoor world. I’d spend my days enjoying magical adventures in Wales’ stunning landscapes, enchanted with the scents of musky forests, sweet heather-covered mountains and salty seaside air. Each of those memories became wrapped up in the scent of those moments.

And so, nature became my muse.

Every time I pour the gorgeous soy wax into candles, I’m pouring in a memory, a story. From scents capturing the irresistible aroma of orange and cardamom laced baking with my children to the heady perfume of deep ruby roses grown by my Nanna Belle and the fresh salty balm that’d come after a day playing in rock pools by the sea with my Gran, every fragrance is a window through time to yesteryear.




Dyffryn Ogwen, Snowdonia National Park, Wales


Get started by soaking up one of these goodies:

A day in the life of a candle maker

Most days you’ll find me tucked away in my studio, nestled in the shaded woodlands surrounding my home, where the Welsh mountains meet the sea.

I’ll usually have a hot cup of English breakfast tea in hand (there are many many refills throughout the day) and the radio on low with Rosey, my hard-working wax melter, purring away in the background.

If I’m not hand-pouring seasonal scents to be sent off to cosy homes across the UK (and beyond), I’m developing new fragrances for my wonderful stockists and even for gorgeous couples to capture their magical wedding days. What an honour!

Then, each afternoon, it’s into the outdoors I go. Wandering through the woodlands or down to the sea, picking up new inspiration and feeding my soul along the way.



Got time for one more cup of tea?

I hope that, soon enough, I’ll feel like an old friend to you.

Be at home in this space of community and conversation, somewhere that will bring a warm sense of ease to your days.

So, have a browse, a read and a scroll through it all.

And don’t be shy to say hello!

“Let There Be Light has my favourite candles! If you’re a candle lover these are a must try, the scent is amazing and the packaging is beautiful. Sarah May is also one of the nicest ladies I know!”

Cindy @cindy_tommo76

“I think I have developed a new ritual. Every evening I light one of the delicious scented tealights created by Sarah May. New Moon fills the room with the magical fragrances of jasmine and orange blossom. Absolutely charming!”

Marjan @ateliermarielucienne

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