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Sarah May

The Story

and the journey began...

Always being environmentally conscience and making cruelty free a priority, I have always sought out products kind to my family and home with minimal impact on our beautiful earth.  As a family we have always loved the ambience of candle glow and natural scents, whether fresh & floral or cosy Autumn & Winter spices. All holding a treasure of memories.

Blackened walls that were left behind after burning purchased candles and an impact on our health we loved much less! Research into the candle industry lead me to many disappointing findings, amongst the top was the use of by-chemicals from the petrol industries which I most certainly didn’t want my loved ones breathing in.

From then on my research grew into a passion, training came and many years past with experience of making candles clean burning and highly fragranced with our own family memories.

As a child I was always drawn to crafts and nature. Enjoying magical adventures in our beautifully stunning landscapes, enchanted with scents of the musky forests, sweet heather-side mountains, streams and fresh seaside journeys out, encapsulating every memory.

Growing up with memories of fragrances from special friends’ weddings surrounded by highly fragranced lily of the valley & freesias.

Seaside rock-pool adventures with Gran.

My Aunty and Uncle’s orchard full of sticky apples, pears and strawberry fields. Nanna Belle’s deep ruby rose. Reaching adulthood and making homemade, calming, lavender laced playdough with my three beautiful children. Baking orange and cardamom shortbread and sipping chamomile tea after a long day.

Each of these played their part…

Each a precious fragrant memory.

As a family we line our clouds with silver & light along the way & count our blessings at the end of every day.

Over time our beautiful children were growing their wings and starting to fly from our nest, becoming the strong independent souls we had envisaged and poured ourselves into.

More and more family and friends had been admiring the highly fragranced soy candles I had been individually making and gifting far and wide, receiving the most overwhelming compliments in return.

The magic of LET THERE BE LIGHT was born.

Life gets in the way of living for each and everyone of us. Making time to “stop & smell the roses” so to speak, is immensely important in many ways.

LET THERE BE LIGHT is my venture’s name to embrace the past, look forward to the future and encapture the present with beautiful and wonderful family and friends by our side every step of the way.


Enjoy the journey with us…

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