Womenspire Awards 2020

I am utterly delighted to be part of Chwarae Teg’s 2020 Womenspire Awards. Let’s celebrate women and women’s achievements! The exciting awards ceremony, which takes place on 29th September, will be hosted online this year. But there’s no doubt in my mind, it’ll still be full of lots of fun and togetherness.

Join in and you can expect lots of entertaining live performances from a number of talented females. It’s absolutely free for you to watch!
You can easily watch along online via the ITV Wales Facebook page. This means you can enjoy the awards ceremony from the comfort of your own home. What more could you want?

What is Womenspire?
Womenspire is all about celebrating inspirational women and promoting diversity and inclusivity. The goal is to support all women and inspire the future generations. The ‘Womenspire’ organisation is a fantastic – and huge celebration of personal achievements. It’s a space for all to celebrate together. As the name gives away, the ‘Womenspire’ event is all about women, achieving and inspiring one another. One evening dedicated to sharing experiences and inspirational stories!

Amazing Charities
As well as celebrating all the fabulous role models, Womenspire also helps to fund amazing charities…
All funds raised at the 2020 Womenspire event will go towards the charities Chwarae Teg and Welsh Women’s Aid. These inspiring organisations aim to support women who are at risk across Wales. They’re both truly incredible causes to be supporting! I am super excited for ‘Let There Be Light’ to be part of these big celebrations and such a worthy cause. I am even more excited for all the high-achieving nominees and event sponsors to try out my products!

‘Womenspire in a Box’
This is where things get exciting! The deserving nominees and event sponsors will be rewarded with a package they’re calling ‘Womenspire in a box’. This is essentially an exciting package full of lots of heart-warming gifts, perfect for a cosy night in and a pamper session! The box contains the ideal set of goodies to help to relax and unwind of an evening. Perfect as the cold winter evenings are creeping up on us! What’s better than a bit of self-care?

Artisan, luxury Welsh candles to bring a celebratory glow!
Speaking of self-care, each box will be gifted with one of my luxurious, aromatic Welsh candles. It’s candle season, after all! My favourite season!
I’ve found so much pleasure in contributing to important causes and donating my candles to events like Womenspire. It really does give me a special, warm feeling. For the Womenspire event, after lots of careful thought, I’ve chosen to gift the scent ‘Blessed’. This scent has a special place in my heart.

The Fragrance
The fragrance itself creates a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere. It’s definitely the perfect feminine scent for the Womenspire event!
The sweet notes of Peony deliver elegant, pure and floral aromas to a room. This is softly woven through with Damask and mystical Smoky Oud. The hints of Oud deliver a warm, woody scent, like a true gift of nature. These subtle scents bring an invitation of delicate peace.
I hope I can bring some warmth to your home and uplift your mood instantly through the power of scent. I’m sure you’ll absolutely love the fragrance.

The Process
Altogether, the Womenspire organisation have put together an impressive 85 boxes full of fabulous gifts for their event. So yes – this means 85 handcrafted candles, and lots of pouring and packaging! My passion for crafting elegant candles for people like you made this process super easy and a real joy.

Each candle was individually handcrafted by myself in my little Welsh hometown. The candles were carefully handmade and personalised with that extra touch for all women achieving amazing things.

The first step was to melt the biodegradable soy wax and add the luxurious fragrance oil to deliver that soothing, warm aroma. The candles are made with lots of love and care – it’s not just wax that goes into the candle!

I take lots of my inspiration from nature and the countryside. This also means I’m extremely environmentally conscious.

So rest assured, at ‘Let There Be Light’, all candles are cruelty free and vegan, and made with 100% pure organic soy wax. At ‘Let There Be Light’, you’ll find only naturally sourced products. This is a big priority for me!
After leaving the soy wax to cool, the wax was then ready to be poured with love into the prepared jars. These sophisticated black glass jars are a perfect addition to any room in the home.

Each candle was then carefully packaged and sealed in a classy matt black box with a bit of our ‘Let There Be Light’ touch.

I really do hope that everyone who receives a Womenspire gift box gets as much joy out of their candles as I did whilst making them. It was an absolute pleasure!

Get your hands on similar scents!
Do you feel like a new delicious and refreshing scent for your home? Bring some warmth to your home in preparation for the wintery months ahead.
You can get your hands on similar scents to ‘Blessed’ here on my ‘Let There Be Light’ website. There’s a scent to suit everyone. Why don’t you treat yourself?

I do hope my hand-poured candles will make inspiring women feel even more celebrated and special… Be Womenspired! Let’s celebrate incredible women.

From my hands to yours with love.
Sarah May x